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Balloon For Farms

Farm visitors have a challenge finding farms. With the feedback we have received throughout the years from our member farms we have created a cost effective solution that allows farms to better market themselves and allow the public to locate them from a distance.

Balloon from Distance

Show your farm from high above!

We have launched a new Balloon program for farms. You can purchase 10 feet (3 meters) balloons that you can fill with Helium that allows visitors to locate your farm from a distance.

This innovative marketing idea allows the farms to operate a Helium balloon that floats in the air. We have selected colors that are inviting and associated with a family-friendly locale that the public can visit. We have also worked with our manufacturer to ensure that the cost of the balloons are very feasible to the farms.

Some of the benefits of having a Farm Visit Balloon:

  • The visitors to your farm can easily locate you in an eye-catching manner
  • You will get passerby traffic attention to your farm
  • Visitors will be able to spread the word on your farm by this easily identifiable marker
  • We are further marketing our balloons as the destination to visit and work to establish the look to the public
  • Allows the drivers to be better prepared to exit at your farm.

    Through this website you can easily purchase your balloon from us. We will provide instructions on the operation of your balloon, however responsibility of the care of the balloon will be with the purchaser . There are no additional fees that you will be charged and you need not provide a royalty for using this balloon.

    You are not allowed to change the design or add or remove the design. We still retain the rights to take the Farm Visit balloon away from you if we find that you have made changes to the design or are mis-using the balloon.

    Please note the following condition on the use of the balloon: You can always purchase additional balloons and have multiple balloons on hand if necessary.

    Got questions: check our Frequently Asked Questions.

    To see a video and read the instructions on how to fill-up your balloon please click here.

    Purchase Balloon:

    Please note that you will be redirected to Internet Secure for processing your payment.

    Farm Visit Balloon Purchase
    Product Quantity Total
    Farm Visit Balloon $185
    Shipping and handling charges 1 $40
    Subtotal : $225 CDN

    Please note that you can use any of the following credit cards

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What happens if the balloon punctures?
    The balloon can be fixed using the puncture repair kits for bicycles. You need to simply purchase a bicycle puncture kit and find the hole and repair it.

    Is there any dangers in using Helium?
    Helium is an inert gas and can not burn. Helium is a non-reactive gas. It is also used to fill birthday balloons.

    Where can I read more about Helium?
    You can search for Helium on any search engine to study the properties. Here are some sample links:
    Los Alamos National Laboratory's website on Helium
    Helium on Wikipedia

    Where would I get Helium from?
    Helium is used as an inert gas shield for arc welding at body shops. It is also used with a mixture of Oxygen as an artificial atmosphere for divers and others working under pressure. Since it is common gas and it is safe to store they usually deliver them to remote places as well. We have worked with Praxair and we have been told that they do deliver to farms as well. You can contact Praxair at 1-800-451-2444.

    You still have questions?
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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